Planning your Dream (Budget) Wedding

Planning your Dream (Budget) Wedding

Your wedding day will always be one of the most important and memorable of your life. It’s understandable you may want to push the boat out to make it a day to remember. However, if you’re risking getting into debt or seriously cutting into your savings, then these budgeting tips could be perfect for you. Even if you just try one of these tips it could cut your costs without impacting on the fun and joy of your big day at all.

Minimise Guest List Bloat

A huge entourage may be something you dream of but really, how many people do you want at your wedding? It is tempting to send an invitation to everyone you’ve ever met including work colleagues, friends from school and even neighbours. However, this takes away from the intimacy and special feel of your wedding and kicks up the costs. Invite the people you really couldn’t imagine your big day without.

Consider an Outdoors or Home Garden Ceremony

Renting a venue is one of the biggest costs and for some people this is non-negotiable. If you’re less fussed about location, consider using your garden or even the garden of a good friend or family member you’ve always admired. This goes for homes too, if you love your home why not make it even more special as your wedding venue or ask your parents if your perfect family home growing up could be the placed you say “I Do”. Removing the cost of the venue hire is a huge chunk of your budget saved.

Go Minimal with Flowers

Flowers get extremely expensive once you start building up huge garlands and blossoming bouquets. Wedding florists certainly make a tidy profit on each event they attend to. Keeping it simple can look timelessly elegant. For example, have each bridesmaid carrying a single rose and a small matching bouquet for the bride. If you are a keen gardener or know someone who is you could even consider using your own flowers.

DIY Invites and Favours

This idea only works if you’ve got a crafty or creative side but rather than buying in, give your wedding an even more personal touch with handmade invitations and favours. You can keep it simple and classic using websites such as VistaPrint to design online or high street stationers to buy blank invitation cards which you can then pop into your own printer and design.

Consider Trainees and Local Help

The local university can be a great source of musicians, entertainers and even caterers. These are young and passionate people looking to find careers in their chosen field so if you give them a chance you will probably be pleasantly surprised. A great student band or singer could be the perfect entertainment for your reception and their pricing will be lower than a professional who is fully trained and making their full income from their work.

Rent Tuxedos or Suits

Unlike the wedding gown, groomsmen’s suits and even the groom’s outfit itself aren’t quite as important or special. You may consider renting tuxedos for the groom’s party, especially if they’re only going to be worn once. If tuxedos aren’t your style then you could opt for matching or similar suits you already own or rent something special.

Become a Master Planner

The most important thing for keeping control of your wedding budget is planning. You must plan ahead, stick to budget and regularly check everything is being properly organised according to your plan. The more you have ready, the less stress you will have to deal with and also no hidden or unexpected costs.

A budget wedding doesn’t mean a cheap wedding. You can budget and still have the most amazing and memorable day of your life, and have a few more pounds left for luxuries in your new life together. is operated by Get A Deal Group Limited (company number: 12942679) a company registered in England and Wales.
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