Free Days Out for Families

Free Days Out for Families

Whether you’ve got one child or five, the cost of trips out can quickly mount up. Entrance fees, meals and other costs along the way can soon get expensive. While nothing is ever 100% free, these attractions have no initial cost so forking out for the occasional drink or snack (or packing your own) can help keep the costs from mounting up. Here are some easy ways to keep the kids entertained and out of the house.

  • The Park

    Every mum and dads first idea for getting out and keeping it cheap is the park. Children really do love time out in their local park, whatever the weather and to make it more interesting you can look for other parks in your area and enjoy a wider range of different green spaces, ensuring no moaning or complaints of boredom after too many trips. Some parks have free petting zoos and other attractions too.

  • Local Museums

    While almost all museums have paid attractions and exhibits, the UK is lucky that most are mainly free to the public. Museums often have fun events in the school holidays which are also free and ideal for keeping the children out of mischief and learning as well as having fun.

  • Farm Trips

    Many cities have urban farms you can explore and learn about the animals. Some may allow the children to feed or pet some of the animals too. In more rural areas you will also find some farms with free areas, while some do come with a price tag, it’s definitely lower than a day out at a theme park or other large attraction.

  • Bike Rides

    No matter how old they get, children love a bike ride. You can pick a scenic route or simply cycle through your local area, depending on the age of the kids. There are hundreds of bike routes mapped out across the country so you can choose a different route every weekend and test the kid’s energy levels and enjoy some exercise.

  • Sightseeing

    How often have you properly enjoyed the sights of your local town or city? Many of us are guilty of not ever looking around us properly and enjoying the heritage of our homes. A sightseeing trip is also a great way of teaching the kids about their local area. Alternatively, pick a different location every weekend and drive over for a new experience and some new sights.

  • The Beach

    If you live by the beach then chances are you already take advantage of the chance to enjoy the sand as often as possible. Children love the beach and if you don’t live nearby, it can be even more of a big treat. Wintery beach walks are a great way of getting a blast of fresh air and in summer it’s time for swimming costumes, trunks and sandcastles.

  • Free Local Events

    Almost all areas have some free local events for children. It could be library story time, community group dance sessions or something at one of the local churches or faith centres. Keep an eye out for flyers through the door or any information from schools about free local opportunities.

    Children will get bored if you spend too much time stuck indoors. However, the chance to escape doesn’t have to break the bank and every one of these free family days out could be enjoyed over the holidays or at weekends. is operated by Get A Deal Group Limited (company number: 12942679) a company registered in England and Wales.
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