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Choosing the right office supplies can help your business to run smoothly. Whether you carry out your business from a specific bricks and mortar workplace, or work remotely from your own home office, it is essential to make sure you are fully stocked with everything you need to keep your day-to-day work life running smoothly. Some office supply items, such as specific items of office furniture, may only need to be purchased sporadically and should last you a long time. Other items, such as paper, folders and printer ink, will need to be purchased on a regular basis. No matter what supplies you need for your office, you can always save money thanks to a wide selection of voucher deals and discounts available, with always able to supply you with codes so you can save money every time you need to stock up with your office essentials.

How to Choose Office Supply Essentials

Kitting out your office can be quite the task, with so many necessary items to tick off your list. Here is a quick guide to some of the top office supplies you need to have, whether you are working from a bricks and mortar workplace or from home.

Workplace Supplies

  • Office Furniture – When it comes to office supplies, it is important to make sure you have the right office furniture in place first. Office furniture needs to be comfortable, as you will likely be sitting in or using it for long periods of the day for the majority of the week. It is important that office furniture has a high level of functionality too, in order to ensure it is not taking up too much space and that all items of office furniture harmoniously match together in the space available. Moreover, it is also a good idea for office furniture to also offer some degree of storage too, in order to help keep workspaces organised, neat and tidy. Top office furniture items include chairs and desks. Office chairs can come in a range of sizes, styles and designs, with everything from executive office chairs upholstered in luxury fabrics, to posture office seating which is designed to be comfortable and supportive. When it comes to desks, the same combination of functionality and style applies, with most desks ergonomically designed to fit into all manner of office spaces. Popular desk options include corner desks, bench desks as well as sit down desks which can be a good way to keep employees moving whilst still working from their desk.
  • Desktop Essentials – When it comes to desktop essentials, you need to be sure that everything you require whilst you are working is close to hand and within easy reach. Important desktop supplies include all types of stationery items, such as pens, clips, staplers, scissors, Post-It notes and more.
  • Notepads and Account Books – Keeping notepads and account books close to hand are also an essential consideration when it comes to office supplies. Notepads are an easy to way to plan ahead and keep track of your daily work tasks, as well as to jot down messages throughout the day too.
  • Desk Organisers – An organised desk is a good way to keep things running smoothly throughout the working day, as it makes everything easier to find and use exactly when you need it. Letter trays and magazine files are a quick and simple way to organise any correspondence, whilst pen pots and desk drawer organisers can also help to assist in keeping things tidy too. It is also a good idea to have a separate holder for items such as business cards, so that they are always within easy reach when you need them at a moment’s notice.
  • Adhesives – Using various types of adhesive are useful to have to hand in an office, with items such as glue and duct tape simple and quick ways to seal letters and parcels, as well as to affix certain items of paperwork together too.
  • Diaries, Planners and Calendars – Another vital component when it comes to choosing your office supplies is to remember to order dairies, planners and calendars. Not only is it important for you and your colleagues to know what is planned during the working day, but it is also essential to plan and project targets for the future too. Office diaries and planners include larger items such as wall planners too, so not only can everyone see their own calendar courtesy of a desk version, but a larger option can collate everyone’s tasks and time off date together in one easy to read calendar version too.
  • Folders and Files – No matter your area of business, keeping your paperwork organised is absolutely essential. Although many offices are trying to go paperless in favour of storing everything to the cloud, inevitably a business with still generate a certain amount of paperwork that still needs to be stored in a hard copy format. These can include everything from contracts to invoices, so it is a good idea to be sure you always have enough folders and files in order to store away this information effectively.
  • Storage – Another important component for any office is to ensure you have the right storage options. You can choose to incorporate your office storage into the office furniture pieces you order if you prefer, with office desks often specially designed to include the maximum amount of storage possible. Filing cabinets and storage solutions, such as large plastic storage boxes, are popular choices, and if you need to archive certain items or paperwork, the you can also opt for archived boxes instead, which leave space on the front for you to easily tag and categorise all boxes as appropriate.

Home Office Must-Haves

  • Office Furniture – When working from home, just as in an outside office, it is still just as important to make sure you have the correct office furniture for your space. A home office is likely to not be as spacious as a more traditional office setting, so it is a good idea to opt for office furniture that is ergonomically designed to fit into a smaller space and one that comes with lots of drawers for easy storage. This will then save you from having to purchase and fit extra storage solutions into your home office space later on. Just as with any workplace, it is also important to choose office furniture that is comfortable as well as functional, so taking the time to find the right office chair is also a good idea, as it is likely you will be spending a great deal of time sat behind the desk in your home office.
  • Pens and Stationery – Always be sure to keep on hand all the desktop items you need in order to keep your home office running smoothly. Pens and stationery items are important everyday items that you simply cannot do without, plus notepads, printer paper and simple desk tidies such as trays and pen pots can also help to smarten up your home office desk and make it feel more professional too.
  • Shredders and Laminators – In a more traditional office setup, it is likely that all sensitive documents and paperwork will be collected, archived and destroyed appropriately. However, if you are working from a home office, this kind of solution is probably not a possibility. Instead, it is very important to be sure you have a shredder in order that all paperwork can be destroyed in line with GDPR guidelines and data protection. Having other tools on hand, such as a laminator, is also a great solution to help keep paperwork in place and create professional looking reports and binders whilst still not having to leave your desk.
  • Dictaphones, Calculators and Electronics – Along with larger home office supply items, you will probably also need to have some smaller electronic items to use too. A Dictaphone can be a handy tool when preparing for meetings and presentations, and a calculator is of course a basic item that no home office should be without. Other essential electronic items to consider include having an office home phone which will include features such as one touch dialling for quick calls to frequent numbers, an easy tilt display screen so you can easily see who is calling you, along with the ability to block unwanted callers at the press of a single button too.

How to Order Office Supplies

Ordering your office supplies is quick and easy, with many big name companies able to supply all your office supplies to you in one place. Most have easy to browse websites, where you can find everything you need and have a realistic idea from the online presentation as to how they may look in real life. Other companies, such as Viking, also offer a catalogue, so you can peruse items at your leisure before deciding what exactly you would like to purchase. If you find your are ordering the same items frequently to restock your office supplies, then many office supply companies can provide you with the option to order in bulk. Some office supply companies also allow you to order by item number rather than item name, so once you are familiar with the codes for the items you want, you can simply enter them on the supplier’s website and then the desired quantity of the item you would like to order. Don’t forget to always be sure to include your discount code or voucher at the checkout in order to be sure you are not missing out on a good deal.

Supplies for Staying Safe Wherever You Work

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to change the way we work and play, it is also important to be sure to include some safety supplies as part of your office supply orders too. Even if you are working from home, it is still a good idea to stock up on extra cleaning supplies in order to keep your workspace as hygienically clean as possible at all times.

  • PPE – Wearing a facemask is now mandatory when interacting with members of the public as well as with colleagues, so it is important to always be sure you have plenty of masks available. Most office suppliers stock a large variety of disposable facemasks that can be used daily and then disposed of correctly in order to keep everyone safe in an enclosed office space. Face shields are also a good alternative to a facemask, especially in circumstances where clear communication is essential, and it is now also possible to purchase these via your usual office supplier as well.
  • Barriers and Marking Tape – Keeping a 2 meter distance is important in the fight against Covid-19, but it can sometimes be hard to remember to keep the required space between colleagues especially when in the familiar environment of the office. Purchasing barriers and marking tape as part of your office supply order is a quick and easy way to set up reminders so colleagues and clients can be reassured that they are staying the correct distance apart from one another.
  • Screens and Signs – Setting up plastic screens is a great way to segregate desks for cleanliness whilst still allowing clear communication between colleagues, and reminder signs such as washing hand prompts next to sinks and clear signate to keep the required social distance can also really make a big difference when it comes to keeping everyone safe and protected in the work place.
  • Cleaning supplies – Your office supplier can also provide you with all the cleaning supplies you need in order to keep your workspace hygienically clean every day. Even if you have an external office cleaner, it is still a good idea to order individual cleaning items, such as computer friendly wipes and bulk hand sanitiser, in order to ensure everyone is following the correct guidelines and that your office space continues to be safe, functional and germ free. is operated by Get A Deal Group Limited (company number: 12942679) a company registered in England and Wales.
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