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Using a delivery or courier service is the best way to ensure that your parcel arrives exactly when and where you want it to. There are plenty of different courier companies all throughout the UK who will be able to provide you with a range of different delivery price points, timings and services. Some delivery services will only ship domestically, whilst others can also ship internationally for you as well. Many delivery services can now organise drop shop options too, so that orders can be easily collected from a more convenient click and collect point. The majority of delivery services will also of course provide the option to fully track all of your deliveries, so you can always be sure where your package is on its journey and what time it will arrive at its destination. Although delivery services do strive to keep their prices competitively low, you can also use voucher codes and discount codes in order to save even more money from your order. A lot of delivery services will also entice new customers with a great promo code, so keep an eye out for these too, with plenty of deals available from when it comes to saving money on your delivery services. As well as using a delivery service for packages and online orders, you can also use other types of delivery services too. With more and more services moving online, using a food delivery service is now more popular than ever. There are now plenty of big name brands who are providing an easy and convenient way to order your favourite foods online straight to your door, even when restaurants and cafes may be closed, and these food delivery services are also able to provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of some excellent money off deals thanks to their selection of voucher codes and discount deals too.

Delivery Service Pricing Options

Delivery services will usually offer a range of prices for you to choose from, but these will depend on a number of different factors as there is usually not one single standard charge across the board. The price will usually be a combination of some key factors. These include –

  • Speed – How fast you want your delivery to arrive is likely to be a major factor when considering a delivery service, and the price can depend greatly on speed. The faster the delivery, the more likely you are to pay more for it. In any case, not every delivery company will be able to offer speedy delivery times, so always check this before choosing your delivery service.
  • Weight and Measurements – If you are looking to send a heavy or larger package, it is likely that your will need to pay more for it. This is because of how much more space it will take up inside the courier van, so the delivery service needs to be sure they are making the money back if they are only able to take a few larger items rather than several smaller ones.
  • Distance – The distance a package is being sent will also have a big impact on how much it will cost you. Domestic delivery services are likely to have more competitive prices, whereas international delivery will of course cost more, not including taxes and other charges that may also be payable too. However, even some domestic delivery services may still cost more if you want an item delivered to a postcode that is quite remote. For example, areas of Scotland such as the Outer Hebrides are a common area that costs more to deliver to, as it is more challenging for a courier to reach the destination.

How to Choose the Right Delivery Service

Before deciding on the delivery service that you would like to use, there are a number of important factors to take into consideration. Here are just a few top tips as to what to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right delivery service for you –

  • Security of Delivery – One of the most important points to remember is how safe and secure your parcel will be as it makes it way to your recipient. Even if you have just ordered a few bits and bobs from a well known retailer, your package will still contain a lot of your personal information, so it is essential that the delivery service can be trusted to safely deliver your parcel without any interference along the way. Of course, sometimes you may need to send sensitive personal information or important documents via a delivery service too, so in these instances feeling confident about the level of security and safety of your parcel is even more important.
  • Delivery Date – When choosing a delivery service, you should always check out the delivery timings. Most delivery service companies will offer a range of delivery speeds and timings, for example if you need to receive an order urgently the day next, there will usually be an option to select a 24 hour delivery window.
  • Price Point – The price you will pay for your delivery service will often very much depend on which delivery timing you need, so always keep this in mind when choosing your delivery service. The faster you need your order to arrive, the more likely it is you will end up paying more for the convenience of this option.
  • Tracking Options – Being able to track your item is a good idea, no matter which delivery service you are interested in using. By being able to follow your parcel’s journey, you can feel confident that it is in safe hands and will arrive to the recipient on time. Most delivery services will have their own app which allows for easy tracking, but even those that do not will usually provide a tracking link via email, so you can always keep an eye on your order. Delivery services will also often ask if you want to use their push notifications option when you sign up, which means you can receive constant updates on the progress of your order without you having to actively check up on its journey, which may provide a more convenient option for some.
  • Postcode Areas – When choosing the right delivery service for you, it is of course essential to check that they deliver to the area you require. Even UK based delivery services may sometimes be unable to deliver to certain areas of the UK, so always double check the postcode you need to send an item to before selecting that delivery service.
  • Online Reviews – Sometimes it can be easy to forget how many other customers will have used the delivery service before you. An excellent way to get a feel for a delivery service is to simply check out their online review page. Although there will always be some customers who have had a bad experience, overall the general feel of a review page will give a good indication as to whether the company are reliable, trustworthy and value for money or not.

Quick Tips for Saving Money on Delivery Service

Although delivery services have their own individual set tariffs, there are still ways that you can save money no matter which firm you choose to use. Here are just a couple of ideas -

1. Check Your Size – When parcelling up an item to send, always be sure you are using the exact packaging that is appropriate for the size, weight and measurement of the item. Using packaging or a box that is much larger than the item you are sending can actually end up costing you more money in shipping costs. Equally, putting in too much excess packaging can make the parcel as a whole much heavier than it needs to be, which can result in added charges too. So always be sure to check the size of the packaging you are using before taking it to be shipped.

2. Time Scale – Although it can be tempting to always opt for the fastest delivery option possible, in reality this can often end up costing you a lot more money. If an item desperately needs to be delivered the next day, then of course you should opt for the quickest delivery window as appropriate. However, often even choosing standard delivery can mean your parcel only arrives one or two days later than choosing an option such as next day delivery, which is usually much more expensive. Also, choosing a click and collect option can be a great way to save lots of money too, with most delivery services offering a collection only option absolutely free of charge.

3. Discount Deals – Along with ensuring that you are parcelling up all your items correctly, and that you have chosen the best time scale that can also save you some cash, don’t forget to look for some discount codes too. Delivery services regularly offer money off promotion deals along with voucher codes that can be redeemed as you checkout to save lots of money every time you send an item.

How to Sign Up for a Delivery Service

Now that you have determined all the important factors when it comes to your delivery service, it is time to sign up and book your courier. Most delivery services will only need a few details from you in order to get started with using their services. Here are a few simple steps to follow when booking your delivery service –

1. Get a Quote – Before booking your delivery service, most online companies will provide you with a quote first, so you can be sure you are getting the best deal when sending your items. To get the most accurate quote possible, it is a good idea to measure your package at home. This might seem a little tricky, but thanks to apps such as AirMeasure and ProductHunt, it is now really easy to find out all the information you need from home. Most delivery services will require the length, width, height and weight of your parcel, but all companies will double check this for you on collection, so do not worry if it is not quite right. You can also use a traditional tape measure if you prefer. Once you are happy with the quoted amount, you can then move on to the next step.

2. Create an Account – Even if you only want to use a certain delivery service a handful of times, it is still a good idea to create an account with them. By registering an account, you can track your order more easily and you can also have faster access to any customer service support if you need it.

3. Select Delivery Method – Now that you are signed into the delivery service app or website, next it is time to select your delivery method. Most delivery services offer a range of different options, so be sure to take the time to find the most appropriate choice for you. Some will require you to take your item to a Post Office or a collection point to send off, whilst others may be able to collect your package directly from your home or place of work, so always be sure to check this out too.

4. Booking – Once you have inputted all the information required and selected your preferred delivery method, then you can book your delivery service. Don’t forget to always use your discount voucher code once you get the checkout too in order to save more money on your order.

5. Tracking – As soon as your order has been booked, you will be sent a tracking link and reference number, which you can then use to follow your package on its journey. Many delivery services will also offer you the option to share the delivery tracking details with the recipient too, that way they can also have all the necessary information needed to make sure they are home to receive their parcel when it is due to arrive. is operated by Get A Deal Group Limited (company number: 12942679) a company registered in England and Wales.
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