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The Times was first published in 1785, with The Sunday Times founded in 1821. Published daily and every Sunday respectively, this newspaper enjoys a circulation of 359,960 in daily printed copies as well as 304,000 digital downloads too. The Times comprises all the latest news and events, as well as comments and opinion sections, business pages, sports and more. The Times also publishes the Times2 supplement, which includes all the latest lifestyle and art features alongside puzzles and mind games too. The Games is their sports supplement which is published every Monday, and their Saturday supplement includes up to date arts reviews, lifestyle features, TV guide, sport and more. The Times Magazine also includes a wide array of articles that covers a variety of home and lifestyle content as well as anecdotes from writers and celebrities, plus food and drink, fashion and beauty and more. You can now enjoy The Times and The Sunday Times whenever you like and never miss an edition or issue courtesy of their subscription service, which is available in a variety of subscription options. Whichever subscription option you choose, always be sure to use your discount code from too in order to save money on your order.

The Times Subscriptions on Offer

The Times and The Sunday Times offers a variety of subscription options. These include –

  • Digital – this is the most popular subscription choice and it is easy to see why. This convenient and easy to use subscription option costs just £26 per month and allows users to enjoy unlimited access to The Times and The Sunday Times. If you are unsure as to whether or not this would be a good option for you, then why not take advantage of the free for one month offer that is available once you sign up. As part of your subscription, you can enjoy unlimited access from your smartphone, tablet and web access, along with exclusive subscriber-only newsletters, the opportunity to easily comment on articles as well as save and share articles too. You can also enjoy exclusive rewards as a The Times subscriber too.
  • Basic – the basic subscription allows for smartphone only access across one device. You can also choose to try out the basic subscription option with one month absolutely free, and then at a cost of £15 per month thereafter. As part of this subscription, you can enjoy easy access on the go on your smartphone as well as The Times’ exclusive coronavirus newsletter too in order to stay up to date with all the virus developments. Whichever subscription option you choose, don’t forget to use your exclusive discount codes from in order to save even more money off your subscription choice.
  • Digital With Print – sometimes referred to as their 7 Day Print Pack, this option is a great allrounder, and allows subscribers to have unlimited digital access to content as well as a copy of the printed newspaper every day too. This option does not come with a free trial and comes at a minimum three month contract, which is then quarterly thereafter. The subscription fee for this option costs £43 per month and comes with a number of different exclusive benefits. These include unlimited access to The Times and The Sunday Times across all of your devices, exclusive subscriber only newsletters, the opportunity to comment on articles as well as being able to share and save articles too. Subscribers can also enjoy exclusive rewards as well as a saving of 34% on the usual; price of purchasing The Times and The Sunday Times Monday through to Sunday. So if you always want to stay up to date and never miss a thing, this is the perfect subscription option for you.

If you are still unsure as to which subscription option would suit you best, then why not ask one of their helpful team? You can easily get in touch with their customer services team either via telephone or online chat. Once you have chosen your subscription, simply click the relevant link which will then take you to the checkout. As soon as you reach the checkout, you will be prompted to input your email address as well as a postal address if relevant to your subscription option. Lastly, all you need to do is input your payment method and then you can begin your subscription, with several subscription options available with a one month free trial.

Why Subscribe to The Times

Subscribing to The Times and The Sunday Times means you can enjoy access to a wide array of digital news content across all of your devices for added convenience, meaning you can stay up to date with what is going on in the world on the move. You can easily access your subscription service either via the web, their exclusive app which can be used on both smartphones and tablets. The 7 Day Digital Print Pack is also a great option if you want to save money and still stay informed and it is also easy to collect your print versions too. The Times and The Sunday Times will send you your personalised vouchers in the post and you can simply exchange these vouchers for your newspaper at your local newsagent, with most newsagents receiving their daily copy of their paper by 7am. If you prefer, you can also have your print newspapers delivered directly to your order by 8am on weekdays and 8.30am on weekends. Other great benefits include exclusive content and offers too, and when you sign up for your subscription, don’t forget to use your discount code from too in order to save even more money.

The Times Website and App Options

The Times and Sunday Times can be read online via your browser or by using their app, which can be downloaded from the Google Store for Android or from the Apple store for iPhone. Here you can easily read the daily edition, which is updated daily at 9am, midday and again at 5pm, so you can be sure to always be up to date with all the latest news developments and breaking stories from around the world. You can also save articles in order to read them offline later too if you prefer for added customer convenience and flexibility. If you would like to join in with The Times community, you can also leave a comment below any of the articles you read and interact with other readers of The Times too. You can also easily share all of your favourite articles with your family and friends via the app too. Along with all the latest news and stories from around the globe, you can also play thousands of puzzles at your fingertips using the app too.

How to Apply Your The Times Discount Code

Here is a quick step by step guide to help you use your discount and voucher codes for The Times.

  • Step 1 – search for The Times on to see what the latest offers are available for you to take advantage of. Some discount codes will allow you to enjoy a certain discount on all purchases, whilst other discount codes are unique to certain products only
  • Step 2 – once you have chosen your discount code, simply click on get code or get deal
  • Step 3 – a pop up window will appear which will reveal your code
  • Step 4 – copy your code and then click the link to take you back to The Times website
  • Step 5 – once you are re-directed to The Times website, choose the items you would like to buy and then at the checkout, paste your exclusive discount code into the box provided
  • Step 6 – sit back and enjoy your subscription for The Times, all while enjoying your major savings!

Cancellation Policy

If you decide that you need to cancel your subscription, then all you need to do is speak directly to The Times customer services team on their dedicated phoneline. You can also cancel your subscription as part of a 14 day cooling off period before your subscription begins if you change your mind. If you have paid any money, this will then be refunded. However, please be aware that after this 2 week period, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. Once your subscription has started, you will need to notify their customer services team you wish to cancel 15 days before your next payment is due in order to be sure you are not charged. If you have any queries or questions, you can easily contact the account manager for your subscription, with all relevant telephone numbers easy to find on The Times website. You can also contact them by email if you prefer.

What Devices Can The Times Subscription Be Used With

The Times and The Sunday Times digital copies can be read across all of your devices depending on your chosen subscription type. The Times and The Sunday Times has an easy to browse website where you can easily read and enjoy content online. There is also a comprehensive app which is compatible for both Android and iPhone which can be used on both smartphones and tablets too.

How Often Can I Access Content

The Times has editions which are published every day from Monday to Sunday and are updated daily at 9am, midday and 5pm. The editions are updated at 12pm and 6pm on weekends as well as on bank holidays. As part of their subscriptions services, you can access content whenever you like. Before access content you will need to sign up to a subscription service, in not you will still have to input your email address which will give you access to two articles a week, so it is a much better option to opt for a subscription in order to not miss out, as well as enjoy all The Times exclusive subscriber benefits too. You can also always use your discount codes from in order to save yourself lots of money too.

Times+ Loyalty Scheme

The Times also offers a loyalty scheme for their readers known as Times+. This loyalty scheme is available exclusively for subscribers and comes with a variety of great benefits. These include the option to save up to 25% on your total bill, including drinks too, at over 2,500 restaurants across the country, 7 days a week. You can also enjoy 2 for 1 cinema tickets which are available every Monday, Saturday and Sunday too. As part of the Times+ scheme, you can also enjoy a free e-book and audio book every month, plus 40% off over 32 of the top Merlin attractions that are available nationwide for up to a limit of four people. As well as saving money off some fantastic days out, you can also enjoy a free film rental every month and discounted airport lounge entry all year long. The Times also offers their subscribers 80 different events over the year too to enjoy, including private film viewings, exclusive Q&As and journalist debates. For more information, simply check out their website for more information about upcoming events and exclusive deals for Times+ subscribers.

The Times for Students

The Times has an exclusive subscription option for students too, and by signing up to Student Beans, you can save even more money off your subscription too. The Student subscription offer helps students to save 90% on the full price subscription option, which is a huge saving to take advantage of! The Student pack comes at a cost of just £26 per year, which is only £2.17 a month. The minimum term for the Student contract is 12 months, and you can easily contact your account manager if you have any queries or questions. Whether you are a student or not, you can always save money on your The Times and The Sunday Times subscription courtesy of your exclusive discount codes from too. is operated by Get A Deal Group Limited (company number: 12942679) a company registered in England and Wales.
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