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Pact Coffee

What is Pact Coffee?

Pact Coffee is a coffee company on a mission: to make sustainable speciality coffee that’s fair for both the customers and the farmers.

Pact Coffee’s founder, Stephen Rappaport noticed a disturbing issue with the coffee industry: demand was growing but the increased revenue wasn’t making it to the farmers who supplied this demand. Coffee beans take up to three years of hard work and dedication to grow, but mountains of corporate red tape and a barrage of middle-men all got in the way of proper compensation for those who deserved it the most. This frequently left coffee farmers with little more than crumbs for their hard work.

Rappaport set out to correct this, and founded his own coffee from his kitchen in 2012. (He started his company just three weeks before his wedding day). From there he created a coffee company called Your Grind. This was a more ethical company, with less of the red tape. One dedicated to being sustainable and fairer than fairtrade. Your Grind changed its name to Pact Coffee and grew exponentially.

Pact Coffee’s mission remains the same to this day: To produce high-quality coffee sustainably and ethically via direct deals with the farmers themselves.

Pact Coffee always pays their farmers a minimum of 25% above the base price for Fairtrade products, and prides itself on forming bonds and relationships with their coffee farmers, involving them more in the process.

In 2020, Pact Coffee delivered over 21 million cups of coffee in the UK, sourced from 124 farms across 9 origins and paid their coffee farmers $2.32 for lb of coffee (that’s 65% above the typical Fairtrade price for coffee!).

Pact Coffee aims to get good for the planet, for its farmers, and for your morning cup of joy. With our Pact Coffee Discount Codes, you can make it good for your wallet as well, with a sweet discount on sustainable speciality coffee.

What does Pact Coffee stock?

As you might expect, Pact Coffee stocks an extensive range of coffees. Whatever your favourite flavour may be, whether you prefer a blend or single origin, light medium or dark roast, Pact Coffee has it in spades. Even the most specific of palettes will find what they’re looking for with Pact Coffee.

For coffees, Pact Coffee stocks bags of coffee as well as coffee pods. Coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, no need to buy a new machine if you already have one.

Navigating this extensive range is easier than you might think. If you don’t feel like scrolling through Pact Coffee’s entire range of products, you can narrow down your search. You can search by:

Flavour Profile: Do you like your coffee with notes of fruit or chocolate? Why not both? Pact Coffee even stocks a ‘Fruity and Floral’ flavour, for those who’d rather have that than the chocolate.

Grind: do you want whole beans that you can grind yourself, or do you want your coffee ground already when it gets to you? There are a few different factors that can influence your decision, not least the type of coffee machine that you use; but, whatever your choice, Pact Coffee has you covered.

Origin: If you’re one for single origin coffee, Pact Coffee has a variety of origins. Pact Coffee products originate in one of four countries: Brazil, Rwanda, Peru, or Colombia. If you’re having trouble deciding between those, you can always opt for a blend, like Brazilian/Rwandan, for the best of multiple worlds.

Roast: Light, Medium, or Dark. Pact Stocks many varieties of each roast, so if you have a go-to roast, Pact Coffee has the beans for you.

If you don’t have the time to brew a fantastic cup of coffee from scratch, then try Pact Coffee’s coffee pods. Currently, Pact Coffee only stocks Bourbon Cream coffee pods; coffee with hints of bourbon biscuits, in a handy pod, so you don’t have to wait for your coffee when you’re in a rush.

Pact Coffee also offers coffee bundles, like the Discovery Pack, that’s four bags of coffee, each from a different origin, so you can taste each one and see what you like the best.

Why not try a Pact Plan? A great deal for coffee lovers, a Pact Plan allows them to subscribe & save. Simply select your favourite coffee and how frequently you want your coffee delivered. From there, just input your address and billing details (don’t forget your Pact Coffee Discount Code), and you can receive a new bag of your favourite coffee on a regular basis.

Unlike many other subscribe & save plans, a Pact Plan gives you complete control. When creating your plan, you can control how frequently you want your deliveries to be. Pact Coffee selects 14 days by default, but using their slider, you can select any delivery time you want up to just over a month between deliveries. If you want to change your plan, or even cancel it, you’re free to do so simply, with no fuss and no barriers.

If you do want or need to cancel a plan, just log in to your Pact Coffee account on their website, click the ‘Your Plans’ section of the menu, select the plan you want, hit ‘manage plans’ and then click ‘cancel plan’. See, easy.

In case you don’t want to cancel your plan, but have more coffee than you have time to drink it, you can pause your plan from the ‘your Plans’ menu mentioned before. All your plans will still be in place, but you won’t get any more deliveries until you unpause it. This is a great option for those who are receiving too many deliveries, but don’t want to cancel their plan.

There’s also a ‘Delay by 7 Days’ option you can select if you just want to spread your deliveries out a bit, and don’t want to pause or cancel it completely.

Coffee Machines
Not only does Pact Coffee stock a wide variety of coffees, but they also have plenty of machines to brew your coffee to perfection.

Whether you want a stainless steel precision brewer, a simple, no frills coffee maker, or you want to channel your inner barista with a professional-grade machine, you can get it all from Pact Coffee.

If you don’t need anything fancy, and just something to brew a cup of proper coffee, Pact Coffee has you covered there, too. Coffee Pod machines, milk jugs, cold brew cups, coffee filters and so much more can all be found for a reasonable price at Pact Coffee.

Whatever item takes your fancy, do not forget to apply your Pact Coffee Voucher Codes for a discounted order.

How do I apply a Pact Coffee Discount Code

As a company that aims to cut out unnecessary middlemen and red tape, Pact Coffee have made it quick and simple to add a Pact Coffee Voucher Code to your order. Just follow these simple steps to sweet savings:

  • Step 1: Browse Pact Coffee’s extensive range of coffees and coffee machines, adding what you want to your basket.
  • Step 2: Enter your address, so Pact Coffee know where to post your order.
  • Step 3: Enter your billing information. Underneath your card details, you’ll see a link that says ‘Add Voucher Code’. Click on that link.
  • Step 4: Enter your Pact Coffee Voucher Code in the text box that will appear.
  • Step 5: Complete your now discounted order, put your feet up and wait for your delivery.

As you see, it could not be easier to add a Pact Coffee Offer Code, so browse our selection of codes above and get shopping.

What payment options does Pact Coffee accept?

Pact Coffee accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. At the moment, Pact Coffee only accepts card payments, so you can’t pay for orders via PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay or similar.

Pact Coffee also does not offer buy-now-pay-later services, like Klarna or ClearPay. You will have to pay your order total in full at the checkout.

However, using our Pact Coffee Discount Codes can mean a significant reduction on your order total, which should cancel out the need for any buy now pay later services.

How will my Pact Coffee order be delivered?

For smaller orders, like a single bag of coffee, Pact Coffee will ship it via Royal Mail First Class. Any orders larger than that will be delivered via Royal Mail Tracked 24. Pact Coffee doesn’t specifically offer next day delivery, but if you order before 1pm, Pact Coffee will ship your order the same day.

Given that orders are sent first class and dispatched within 24 hours of completing the order, they should be with you within 1-2 days. On rare occasions, they may take longer than expected to arrive, but if that’s the case, Pact Coffee asks that you wait a maximum of 5 days from the date you placed your order before getting in touch with them.

Currently, Pact Coffee only ships to the UK. International customers should make their own delivery arrangements, as Pact Coffee does not currently offer international shipping.

What happens if I need to return something, or cancel my order?

Pact Coffee gives customers their 7-Day Freshness guarantee. This means that your coffee will be arriving with you, fresh & unsealed, within 7 days of you placing your order. Because of this, Pact Coffee cannot resell any coffee that has been returned to them, so they don’t accept returns or exchanges on any coffee products sold.

If you don’t like the coffee that has been delivered, contact Pact Coffee’s Customer Service team. They’ll run you through a few questions to troubleshoot your experience and, if they find a coffee product that’s better suited to your tastes, they’ll send you a bag of it for free.

If you need to return a coffee machine you purchased from Pact, it will need to be in its original, unopened packaging and in a resalable state. It's best to contact Pact Customer Services to arrange your return. They will give you all the details necessary to complete your return there.

One brief caveat: if you are trying to return a Sage appliance, like a coffee machine, that return needs to be completed via Sage’s website, and not via Pact Coffee. Sage Appliances Customer Services can be contacted via the Sage Appliances website; they will raise the issue and guide you through to a resolution.

On the rare occasion that you receive a damaged or faulty machine from Pact Coffee, to resolve it, you just need to email their customer service team. Be sure to include a video or photo depending on whether it’s faulty or damaged, and a member of customer services will guide you through the resolution.

Does Pact Coffee do Student Discount?

Yes, Pact Coffee does offer a student discount. Appropriately enough, Pact Coffee has joined forces with Student Beans for their discount. To get your student discount, all you need to do is log in or sign up to Student Beans. From there, you will get a series of student discount codes; just input these when at the checkout for a tasty discount on your order. Why not combine a student discount code with one of the Pact Coffee voucher codes above for a double dose of discount.

If all of this wasn’t enough, check out Pact Coffee’s blog. Its articles cover everything from Pact Coffee News, to recipes like coffee-ground brownies or Japanese Iced Coffee, to seasonal gift guides for coffee lovers. Variety and quality are the name of the game here, so, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll almost definitely find it here, and you won’t be disappointed.

To top it all off, check out Pact Coffee’s Brew Guides. These step-by-step guides are your ticket to brewing fantastic coffees including mochas, lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos. Perfect for first timers and coffee fanatics alike. Each guide is written clearly and simply, and could not be easier to follow. Check out the guides, your taste buds will thank you. is operated by Get A Deal Group Limited (company number: 12942679) a company registered in England and Wales.
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