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There's no better way to make a saving than with a Gx Pillows discount code. If you want to save cold, hard cash then you need a discount code. The good news is that your search is over, because we have a range of the very best Gx Pillow discount codes and promos here at Vouchers.co.uk!

Gx Pillows are designed to give you the most restful night's sleep. These pillows are made using unique support and comfortable patented internal ties in order to help keep your head and neck supported all night long. Gx Pillows are endorsed by celebrities such as Rula Lenska,  as well as being recommended by professionals, such as physiotherapists, who often use Gx Pillows during therapy sessions.

Gx Pillows began in somewhat turbulent circumstances. The daughter of the founder of the brand was unfortunately injured in an accident, and when she came home from hospital, struggled to get a good night's sleep. It was clear that finding the solution to her sleep problem was to create her own bespoke comfortable pillow.

The founder of the Gx brand continued to investigate the internal makeup of pillows in order to then create Gx Pillows to help her and support others too. The key to the success and comfort of the Gx Pillows range is their patented internal ties, which means that Gx Pillows do not flatten during the night as many other pillows do. This technology allows the pillow to pull up and in instead, keeping you happy and supported all night long. As a result, the founder discovered that his daughter was able to sleep properly at last, and his new business venture was born.

The name Gx itself comes from the love between a father and his daughter and is named after Georgia with an ‘x’, because it means sealed with a kiss. If you would like to see more about the history of the brand, you can check out the Gx Pillows website to hear Georgia herself speak about her inspirational story. Gx Pillows are all made in a factory in South Wales. Gx Pillows are proud to utilise the talents of workers from this area in their factories, continuing a long tradition of upholstery and furniture makers based in this area of the country.

What to Buy at Gx Pillows

There are a wide variety of pillow ranges on offer at the Gx Pillows website - so much so, that you might feel a little spoilt for choice. When redeeming your Gx Pillow discount code, it's import to research the range to ensure you get the correct pillow for you.

Here's a quick breakdown of the products on sale at Gx Pillow:

  • Suspension Pillows - ideal for a range of sleeping needs, these can be bought as either medium firm or medium soft, depending on your preferences. These pillows will hold your head gently just like a cradle, and allow your head and neck to be comfortable all night long so you no longer wake up and have that ‘punching the pillow’ situation to fluff it up again. The Gx Suspension pillow is their original branded pillow and is made from a 100% cotton shell, so that it feels luxurious and soft against the skin. The special filling is made from Polycoz and the integrated vented ends mean that the pillow will stay cool during the night too. Customers can choose to buy the medium firm and mediums soft pillows as a single item or as pairs. You can also choose to buy a pack of five if you are looking to purchase pillows for the whole family.
  • Like Down Pillows - these pillows are super comfy but unlike traditional goose down material, are available at a much more competitive price. The hypoallergenic filling is made from hollow fibre blended so that it feels almost like 100% goose down. The outside of the pillow is made from white 100% cotton and still comes with the Gx internal tie technology that allows your neck and head to continue to stay supported as you sleep. It is recommended to use the Like Down pillows either 2 on top of one another for added comfort or to use a Like Down pillow on top of one of the Suspension pillows in order to ensure a good night's sleep every night. You can either choose to buy a single pillow or to buy in a twin pack if you prefer.
  • Superluxe Pillows - the Superluxe pillows, as the name suggests, are designed to be completely luxurious and it took the brand over a year to create these bespoke pillows. The Superluxe pillow means that you can enjoy all the technology from the Suspension pillow but with added 1.4 kilogrammes of patented Superluxe hypoallergenic fibre filling, along with an exterior 100% cotton shell to be comfortable against the skin. These pillows also come with internal tie technology and air vents for breathability, so your pillow will stay cool and will not need to be flipped over during the night. This pillow also has purple piping around the outside in order to enhance its luxurious look. The Superluxe pillow is available as a single item or you can purchase as a twin pack if you prefer.
  • Camper Pillows - the camper pillows provide all the comfort and support you would expect but in a more compact size. Here you can choose to purchase pillows either as single items or as a twin pack and they are also available with a cute and kitsch VW camper van cushion cover too, which are the perfect accessory to take with you when you travel. If you prefer a pillowcase that is a little less colourful, you can also purchase 100% pure cotton pillowcases for the Gx Camper pillows too.
  • Bed linen - along with their wide range of pillows, Gx Pillows also offer some of the best bed linen available on the market. All their bed linen is made from 100% high quality cotton and is the ideal accompaniment to your Gx pillow. The 100% cotton material is made in the UK and the bed linen range includes pillowcases along with duvet covers, flat sheets and fitted sheets. The 233 thread count cotton weave means that not only does it feel luxurious, but this bed linen is also easy to care for and will not require a lot of ironing.
  • Gx For Physio's - along with all their regular range of pillows, Gx Pillows also offer a bespoke range of therapy pillows that are available for physiotherapists. These therapists understand that a good sleeping position is integral to a good night's sleep and that keeping the head neck and spine in alignment is key. Gx Pillows constantly engage with physiotherapists in order to continue to update their pillow technology for the best results. If you are a physiotherapist and would like to find out more information about these special therapy pillows, simply check out their website.

Don't forget that some Gx Pillows voucher codes tend to be site-wide, while others are for redemption only on specific products or product ranges. Be sure to read the small print or terms attached to the Gx Pillows code you wish to redeem in order to avoid disappointment.

Gx Pillows Technology

With their wide range of pillows, you may be interested to find out more about exactly how the Gx Pillows technology works. The founder of Gx Pillows was in fact originally a furniture designer and on his quest to find the perfect pillow for his daughter, he actually took apart all the pillows he could find to discover what exactly made them always fall flat.

The Gx Pillow's discovery showed the founder of the firm that the majority of pillows actually change shape as people sleep on them, which often causes waking in the night and especially adds to neck and shoulder discomfort. He decided to try something different and the inspiration behind the internal ties was born. It is this distinct internal structure that provides support and allows each pillow to stay in its original state from the start of the night to the next morning. Even when pressure is applied to the pillows, the internal structure means that this pressure is spread out evenly. It will not go flat, but instead will pull upwards and inwards along different compartments of the pillow, helping to hold the unique fibre filling in place throughout the night. Gx Pillows are the only kind of pillows in the world to offer this kind of technology, so it has to be tried to be believed.

The original Gx Suspension pillow is one of the best sleeping pillows on the market thanks to these internal ties. So no matter if you prefer a medium firm or a medium soft feel from your pillow, both are available with the same great Gx Pillows Suspension pillow technology. If you prefer a smaller or more compact pillow, such as for travel or for children, then the Camper pillow is the best choice for you. These pillows include all the same internal technology but at a smaller more compact size and are perfect for taking on the move and when travelling, especially when caravanning or camping.

How to Apply Your Gx Pillows Discount Code

Here is a quick step by step guide to help you use your discount and voucher codes for Gx Pillows.

  • Step 1 – search for Gx Pillows on vouchers.co.uk to see what the latest offers are available for you to take advantage of. Some Gx Pillow discount codes will allow you to enjoy a certain discount on all purchases, while other Gx Pillows voucher codes are unique to certain products only
  • Step 2 – once you have chosen your Gx Pillows promo code, simply click on get code or get deal
  • Step 3 – a pop up window will appear which will reveal your Gx Pillows discount code
  • Step 4 – copy your code and then click the link to take you back to the Gx Pillows website
  • Step 5 – once you are re-directed to the Gx Pillows website, choose the items you would like to buy and then at the checkout, paste your exclusive Gx Pillows discount code into the box provided
  • Step 6 – sit back and wait for your pillows or bed linen to arrive, all while enjoying your major savings!

Delivery Options and Returns Policy

Orders can be easily placed on the Gx Pillows website and once you have placed your order, you can easily track it via your confirmation email or online. Deliveries are dispatched on weekdays Monday to Friday, with all orders placed over the weekend dispatched on the following Monday. The Gx Pillows couriers normally take 3 to 4 business days to deliver.

Along with the UK, Gx Pillows is also currently delivered to many European countries and also has a separate site for those in America and Canada so check out their UK website in order to find alternative shipping options to other countries.

All Gx Pillows come with a 30 night comfort guarantee, so you can try your pillow first and then if you are not completely satisfied, Gx Pillows will allow you to return it for a refund or for an exchange if you do decide that you would like to return your pillow. All you need to do is contact their dedicated customer service team on their free phone line, which is available via the Gx Pillows website.

Looking After Your Gx Pillows

Once you have purchased your pillow, it is important to take care of it in order to make sure that you can have a good night's sleep every night. Once your pillow has arrived, it is important to give it a little shake as it may become compressed slightly during transit via courier. Once you have begun using your pillow regularly, do try and turn it in order to make sure there are no depressions on just one side.

Although each of the Gx Pillows comes with a label that says, ‘do not wash’, in fact these pillows can still be washed if required. However, if you decide that you do want to wash your pillow, then it is a better idea to take it to your local dry cleaner who will use a special process for this type of bedding. If you need to clean the pillow urgently, such as after a spill, then the outside of the pillow can be easily cleaned either by sponging it gently and then leaving it to dry naturally. It is very important that you avoid machine washing pillows and do not tumble dry them as this can damage their internal technology. If you do need to use the washing machine urgently, only ever use the lowest cycle possible but be aware that this could damage your pillow, so should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Payment Methods at Gx Pillows

The Gx Pillows website offers a range of handy payment methods. You can use Apple Pay or Google Pay - as well as most major credit and debit cards (including Amex). If you want enhanced buyer protection, then the great news is that you can also pay using PayPal on the Gx Pillows website.

In the excitement of choosing your payment method, don't forget to redeem your Gx Pillows discount code. In fact, our advice would be to enter it on the first page of checkout (where you enter your name, email address and delivery address). That way, you won't forget to add your Gx Pillows voucher code later on in the checkout process.

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