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Fanpass is the place to come to find all the top tickets to sporting and cultural events. Here you can buy tickets at great competitive prices, as well as sell your tickets quickly and easily too. Fanpass makes it simple and straightforward to search for the event that you want and to either buy or sell your tickets. If you wish to sell your tickets, Fanpass makes this really easy to do as well, and their friendly support team are always on hand if you have any questions or queries as both a seller and a buyer.

Fanpass connects together buyers who are looking to find the best tickets for events with sellers who have tickets to sell. Once the two parties have entered into a transaction they are covered by the Fanpass guarantee for extra peace of mind. No one is able to use the Fanpass website unless they are registered, so customers can both buy and sell with complete confidence.

Tickets on Offer at

Fanpass offers tickets to loads of different events that you can enjoy. Tickets available on their website include -

  • Competitions - Among the competition tickets available on the Fanpass website are all the top football tickets that you could want to see some of the biggest matches in the UK and Europe too. These include Premier League tickets so you can watch some of the best championship football in the world played live. This season there are plenty of good teams vying for the title, making it a must see event. Here you can also choose to purchase tickets by your favourite team as well if you prefer. The competition area also sells tickets for the Champions League, where you can enjoy some of Europe's best football. With more than 60 years of footballing prowess, the Champions League is one of the must watch football tournaments of the year, and features some of the world's biggest teams, such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Manchester United. You can also purchase La Liga tickets here too along with Ligue 1 tickets, Bundesliga tickets, Europa League tickets and FA Cup tickets too. The FA Cup is an essential match for all English football fans and that is always plenty at stake, including the chance to be part of the Community Shield as well as part of the Europa League. The final takes place at Wembley Stadium along with some of the semi-finals too, so do not miss out on the opportunity to support your favourite team at one of their biggest matches of the year.
  • Teams - If you would prefer to search by team rather than by competition or match, then you can do so easily via the team section on the Fanpass website. Here you can buy tickets directly for some of the UK's biggest teams, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United, along with Tottenham too. You can also purchase tickets for some of the top European teams as well, including Paris Saint Germain, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich.
  • Artists and Venues - If you're looking for all the latest concert tickets, then Fanpass has got you covered. Here you can buy concert tickets for all of the biggest artists quickly and easily on the Fanpass platform. Fanpass know it is important to never miss out on seeing your favourite artist live, and as such they do everything they can to provide the widest selection of tickets possible. You can be sure that all the tickets you buy from Fanpass are official and there are plenty of artists to choose from. These include tickets for Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. You can also enjoy picking up tickets for the O2 Arena, where there are always plenty of great events going on.

How Will I Receive My Ticket

Once you purchase your ticket, Fanpass will be able to send you a hard copy of your ticket via UPS. Alternatively, you can also opt to choose an E ticket instead, in which case Fanpass will provide you with an easy to download PDF that you can carry with you to the event. If you have any questions or issues with downloading or receiving your tickets, then you can easily chat to their online team courtesy of their live chat feature.

How To Make An Offer On A Ticket

Once you have chosen the tickets you would like to buy, then all you need to do is to let Fanpass know by clicking the ‘offer’ button. Some tickets may include VAT or some may be added afterwards, so be aware that the price may rise slightly after bidding. Once your offer for the ticket has been accepted, then your preferred payment method will be charged and your tickets will be yours and on your way to you. The seller must confirm all buyer’s orders within 24 hours. This is very easy for sellers to do via the Fanpass automated online process which can be easily found on their website. If a seller fails to confirm your order within this time period, Fanpass reserve the right to fine them £20. Sometimes, a seller may report a problem, in which case Fanpass may refund the price of the ticket and any associated fees back to the seller. You can be confident that none of your payment information will ever be passed directly to the seller and that the whole transaction process is completely anonymous with all your data safe and secure. The majority of tickets are sold with a specific seat location. However, in certain circumstances your seating location may change if another better or superior seat location becomes available. This is not always something that a buyer can approve, so just be aware of this. Fanpass also offers the option to buy membership or season cards too. At the end of the season, the buyer must return the season card to the seller within 48 hours after the last event has finished. If a buyer does not do this, Fanpass may then charge a ‘failure to return’ fee, which can be £100 for each season card that is not promptly returned to the seller. Moreover, all offering and bidding for tickets must take place only on the Fanpass website and not outside. Any unauthorised trading or reselling of tickets may mean that Fanpass takes action to cancel your account and you may not be refunded for any fees or tickets you have currently purchased.

How to Apply Your Discount Code

Here is a quick step by step guide to help you use your discount and voucher codes for Fanpass.

  • Step 1 – search for Fanpass on to see what the latest offers are available for you to take advantage of. Some discount codes will allow you to enjoy a certain discount on all purchases, whilst other discount codes are unique to certain products only
  • Step 2 – once you have chosen your discount code, simply click on get code or get deal
  • Step 3 – a pop up window will appear which will reveal your code
  • Step 4 – copy your code and then click the link to take you back to the Fanpass website
  • Step 5 – once you are re-directed to the Fanpass website, choose the items you would like to buy and then at the checkout, paste your exclusive discount code into the box provided
  • Step 6 – sit back and wait for your products to arrive, all while enjoying your major savings!

The Guarantee

When you purchase your tickets, you can be assured that you are only going to receive official tickets for the event of your choice. However, on the rare occasion that you do experience a problem or Fanpass does not provide you with the correct tickets, then you do not need to worry as Fanpass offers their peace of mind Fanpass guarantee. In this instance, Fanpass will always do its best to offer you the correct tickets in exchange for the ones that have not been provided to you by the seller for no additional cost. In this instance too, you can also ask for Fanpass to refund you the full price of your ticket order if you prefer.

If you are experiencing a problem as a seller, then it is very important for you to provide only the precise tickets that you have listed for sale to any buyer. If a buyer successfully manages to attend any event with your tickets, Fanpass will guarantee that you are paid. However, do be aware that as a seller you also have a level of responsibility and there are some instances when the Fanpass guarantee will not apply. These include if you have sold tickets that are not the same as those listed on their website or those tickets which cannot reach the buyer in time for the event, along with those that are not confirmed within 24 hours after purchase to the buyer and those are withdrawn from sale just as they were about to be purchased. In some of these occasions, Fanpass may even charge the seller a penalty fee, so always be careful before listing your tickets.

Selling on

If you have tickets you would like to sell on the Fanpass platform, then Fanpass makes it easy for you to reach millions of customers and buyers from all across the globe. In order to get started with selling your tickets, all you need to do is head to their website and follow the below steps.

  • Step one - Before you can get started with selling your tickets on Fanpass you will first need to create an account on their website. Fanpass only needs a few details of essential information to get started. These include your full name, email address, phone number and to create a password in order to make your account secure.
  • Step two - Here you can fill in all your ticket details so that all potential buyers know exactly what events you have tickets for. Listing your tickets on Fanpass is of course totally free. You can set your own price for your tickets, and you can still change this price at any time in order to be sure that the price you are asking for your tickets is the most competitive. Listing your tickets is quick and easy to do, and you can easily search for any event available via their website. The Fanpass website will prompt you to let you know exactly what information is required so you can be sure that you are selling as transparently as possible. Do not forget to also add your collection address.
  • Step three - Once your tickets have been sold on Fanpass, then the website will take care of the rest. They can either choose to collect them from you via UPS courier using the download paper label or alternatively your ticket can be uploaded as an E ticket too. Also, as soon as your ticket has been sold, Fanpass will let me know by email so you do not have to be kept waiting to know that your money is on its way. Your tickets will then be sent out to your buyer without your identifying information.
  • Step four - Now that your ticket is sold, you can receive your payment, which Fanpass will ensure is paid directly into your bank account. It is as easy as that! Payment from Fanpass should usually reach your account within seven days after the event has been completed. If you would like to get paid faster, then you can sign up to the ‘Fanpass Trustable Seller’ scheme, with all information as to how to do this website. is operated by Get A Deal Group Limited (company number: 12942679) a company registered in England and Wales.
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