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What is Expedia?

Travel booking juggernaut Expedia can trace its history back to Washington State, USA, and a man named Rich Barton, and technology giant Microsoft.

Barton launched one of the first online travel agencies in 1996 with Microsoft Expedia Travel Services. Expedia’s aim was to take travel away from the travel agent, and into the hands of the people. Expedia added convenience and speed to the process of booking a holiday. Expedia’s name is a combination of ‘Exploration’ and ‘speed’, a crystallisation of the company’s aim and approach.

In 1999, Expedia split from Microsoft, launched its corporate travel arm (Egencia Corporate Travel), and became a public company in the heat of the late ‘90s Dot-Com boom, growing exponentially and quickly becoming synonymous with online travel.

In 2001, InterActive Corporation (IAC) invested in the online travel space, and bought a controlling interest in Expedia for $1.5 billion, while also acquiring hotwire, Hotels.com, Egencia Corporate Travel, and TripAdvisor.

After 6 years, Expedia Inc spun off from IAC and became a public company in 2005. Iranian-American businessman Dara Khosrowshahi became its CEO (Khosrowshahi would later become CEO of Uber), and the company embarked on continuous growth in the travel sector.

Between 2005 and 2011, Expedia became known as an innovator and forerunner in the online travel sphere, leveraging relationships with hotels and providers to ensure deals for their customers while also growing their portfolio by acquiring new companies and launching new arms of existing ones.

In 2006, Expedia Cruise Ship Centre and Expedia Media Solutions were born, expanding its reach from flights into ships.

Expedia focused further into the Asia Pacific market in 2011, via partnerships with Air Asia, Tenecet and eLong.

From 2013 onwards, a new way of holidaymaking was emerging. No longer limited to large hotels in tourist hotspots, travellers were preferring to holiday in smaller, hyperlocal locations. Expedia expanded to meet that demand. Between 2013 and 2017, they acquired beloved travel brands like HomeAway and its family of holiday rental brands including Vrbo, Auto Escape, Travelocity, SilverRail, Wotif and Orbitz.

In 2013, Expedia invested in Trivago, which led to a public offering in 2016.

After twenty years in the online travel sphere, Expedia officially became the Expedia Group, changing it up from its previous name of Expedia Inc, to better reflect its changed platform and its new family of companies under its wing.

To this day, Expedia remains one of the premier names in online travel, dealing directly with the hotels themselves; with a wide range of companies in its family, Expedia offers a variety and diversity of options unmatched by any other in the online travel sphere. Take a look at the Expedia Discount Codes above for a sweet discount on your next holiday.

What does Expedia do?

Expedia is a one-stop shop for online travel. Enter your destination, your check in and check out dates, and any additional amenities like flights and car rental, then hit ‘Search’ to see everything available to you for those days in that destination.

From there, you can further narrow down your options, according to what you need. On the left of your results page will be a budget slider. It begins by showing the cheapest and the most expensive hotel room for your stay, but you are free to shift the sliders to the upper and lower ranges of your budget, so Expedia doesn’t show you any hotels outside of your price range.

If that wasn’t enough, you can narrow your search down even further. Do you prefer a hotel away from the bustle of the centre, with a little more piece? Or would you rather be right in the centre, in the middle of the action? Expedia can sort hotels by specific city districts, by star rating and can even search for VIP access properties.

Expedia is an inclusive travel site, allowing customers to search by LGBTQ+ friendly hotels, hotels with wheelchair accessibility or lifts, so all customers can travel in safety, security and are not put at any disadvantage during their trip. Families, or those travelling for business can search by family or business friendly hotels, to find the best accommodation to suit their needs, like WiFi and breakfast for business travellers, and in room conveniences and activities for kids.

What payment options does Expedia accept?

Expedia gives you a variety of options to pay for your booking. Expedia accepts all major credit and debit cards, including MasterCad, Maestro, Visa and Visa Electron.

For those who prefer not to pay by card, Expedia also accepts PayPal. To do this, select PayPal at the booking menu. You will be directed to the PayPal website to complete your transaction.

Sometimes we may need to spread the cost of a holiday, and, in those instances, Expedia has you covered. Expedia has partnered with Klarna to give you the ability to buy now and pay later by spreading the cost of your dream holiday.

If you choose to pay with Klarna, you have some options:

Pay in 3 instalments: Pay a portion of the cost on the day that you book, then a 2nd instalment 30 days from that day, and then a final instalment 60 days after the day you first booked your holiday.

Pay in 30: With Klarna’s Pay in 30, you can complete your booking on the day and have 30 days to repay the cost, interest-free!

Klarna Card: As of January 2022, Klarna has released its own card! Make payments with your Klarna Card and pay back the cost on a schedule convenient for you! Keep an eye on your Klarna Card balance and your payment deadlines via your Klarna account. Remember, that you can pay back your balance early if you can, or you can hit snooze and push your deadline back if you need that bit longer to pay back the full amount.

Use any of the above options when booking your holiday through Expedia. Using an Expedia Discount Code will not affect your eligibility to use any of these payment methods.

How do I apply an Expedia Discount Code?

Now you know what Expedia is, what they do, and how you pay for your booking, but how do you apply your Expedia Voucher Code? Just follow these simple steps for a delightful discount on your trip:

    • Step 1: Select your destination, dates and any extras you want for your trip.
    • Step 2: Select your preferred hotel and flights.
    • Step 3: On the booking page, click on the link under your total that says ‘Use a coupon, credit or promotional code’.
    • Step 4: Apply your Expedia Discount Code and click ‘Apply’.
    • Step 5: Complete your booking and start packing!

As you can see, it couldn’t be easier to apply an Expedia Voucher Code to your booking, so don’t book without having a look at the Expedia Voucher Codes above, you never know how much you could save.

How do I cancel or change an Expedia booking?

Sometimes we may need to change or amend a holiday booking, and Expedia understands that.

Here’s what you need to know to change your booking:

  • Changes cannot be made online as of right now, so you will need to speak to a virtual agent. Don’t worry, this is done via the Expedia website, and they will ask a few preliminary questions, so they can help you the best. Your virtual agent will make the necessary changes to your booking.
  • Expedia charges £10 to make amendments to your booking, in addition to any fees that your hotel, airline or rental car provider may charge.
  • Other charges may include: a hotel change fee, an airline change fee for each ticket, the difference in airfare or hotel costs (if you change to a hotel or flight that’s more expensive than your initial booking).

If you want the nitty-gritty on your holiday terms and conditions, visit your Itinerary on your Expedia account. Charges, terms & conditions, rules & restrictions can vary between different airlines, hotels and rental providers, so best to check there and see your options.

There are the odd occasions where we can’t change our holiday, and need to cancel instead. If you are looking to cancel your holiday with Expedia, it’s quick and simple. Just go to ‘My Trips’ on your Expedia account, look through your itinerary for the item you want to cancel: flight, hotel, car etc., choose ‘Cancel’ and follow the brief instructions. Before you know it, your cancellation will be complete.

Expedia charges £15 per holiday cancelled, in addition to any charges levied by your airline or hotel. Your itinerary page has details of the full rules and restrictions of your booking, as the exact rules can vary between different hotels and airlines.

Here are some general tips:

If you cancel within 24 hours of booking: you may get your money back, unless stated in airline, hotel, car rental’s terms and conditions.

If you cancel 24 hours or more after booking: Your airline, hotel, rental car provider or similar, may charge a fee, which Expedia will pass on to you.

In some instances, it may be possible to cancel your entire holiday package; otherwise, you will need to cancel each part individually.

If you only need to cancel your flight, it is best that you look at your airline’s rules and restrictions, as cancellation policies can vary from airline to airline. You can view your airline’s rules and restrictions on the Itinerary page of your Expedia account.

Generally, a full service airline will allow you to cancel within 24 hours of your booking for free. After 24 hours, a cancellation fee may come into effect.

When cancelling a two-way, or roundtrip ticket, each leg of the journey is considered a separate ticket, so make sure you cancel both.

If you do need to rebook a flight, it will need to be with the same traveller and airline as your first booking, so bear that in mind before you look to change or cancel your booking with Expedia.

Using an Expedia Voucher Code will not affect your eligibility to change or cancel your booking, so you can book with confidence, and with a discount!

Does Expedia offer a Student Discount?

The short answer is: yes, Expedia does offer a student discount. Expedia has partnered with UNiDAYS to give you a student discount on holiday bookings. To get your student discount, all you need to do is log in to your UNiDAYS account (or sign up if you haven’t done so already) and receive a UNiDAYS code. Once you have the code, apply it to your booking using the steps above for a delightful discount on your booking. Why not combine a student discount code with an Expedia Promo Code for a double dose of discount, leaving you with more spending money when you touch down?

If that wasn’t value enough, you can also join Expedia Rewards for exclusive discounts. All you need to get started is your email address. With Expedia Rewards, you earn points on every flight, hotel, and car that you book through Expedia. The more points you earn, the more you can use on future bookings. (It will also elevate your membership status, too).

Expedia Rewards has 3 tiers: Blue, Silver, and Gold. The higher the level, the better the rewards. When you join Expedia Rewards, you automatically receive Blue tier status, and can increase your tiers the more trips elements you receive.

10 Trip Elements in 1 calendar year elevates you to Silver status, and 25 Trip Elements in 1 calendar year grants you Gold Tier Status.

When you book a flight, hotel, car, or activity, each one earns you 1 Trip Element, which goes towards your Expedia Rewards Tier. A hotel booking earns 1 trip element, regardless of the number of guests.

Tier status runs from 1st January to 31st December, your qualification will reset every new calendar year, and Trip Elements cannot be transferred from one Expedia Rewards account to another.

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