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Caffin8 Coffee offers great coffee grinds made to order with a variety of different strength coffee beans to choose from. Their online service helps customers find the perfect coffee blend to enjoy whenever they like, and they also offer a range of customised mugs to add some fun and humour to your morning coffee too.

Ranges on Offer at Caffin8 Coffee

  • Daily Drinker – the Daily Drinker grind is ideal for the perfect mug of coffee every day. With notes of praline and caramel, this coffee has all the balance and flavours you would expect from a South American blend and is made from 100% premium arabica beans. Each order makes up to 25 cups and is roasted to order so you can choose exactly how you want to receive your coffee. Their website offers customers the chance to watch a video blog post about the blend and you can read reviews from verified customers to help decide if this is a blend you want to try. Each order of Daily Drinker costs £8.00.
  • Deathly Strong – for those who love their coffee super strong, then the Deathly Strong blend is the choice for you. Perfect for giving a boost to your mornings, the Deathly Strong blend is not for the faint of heart and is an Italian style blend of coffee that really means business. Its chocolatey and biscuity taste makes it rich and deep, combining the flavour of arabica beans with the intensity of robusta beans. Each order of Deathly Strong is 250g and makes roughly 25 cups. Choose to customise your blend every time you purchase, with each order of Deathly Strong costing £8.00, plus don’t forget to hear what other customers have to say too by reading their reviews of this stronger than strong blend.
  • One De-Caf – if you love all the flavour of coffee but do not want the caffeine side-effects, then the One De-Caf is the blend for you. This blend of coffee beans maintains all the great bold flavour you would expect and is ideal to drink at any time of the day. Just like the Daily Drinker but without the caffeine, there are notes of chocolate and praline in this delightful South American inspired blend and is made with only 100% premium arabica beans. Each order costs £8.00 and should last for around 25 cups of coffee. You can also read reviews directly below the item to find out what other customers have to say about this uniquely delicious caffeine free blend.
  • Coffee Exploration Bundle – if you cannot decide which blend is right for you, then why not order the Coffee Exploration Bundle instead? The bundle deal includes one bag of each of their famous blends, so you can sample the Daily Drinker, Deathly Strong and One De-Caf before choosing your favourite. The deal costs £24.00 for three 250g bags and should mean you are stocked up with coffee for around 75 cups worth of premium blends.

Roasted Caffin8 Coffee to Order

At Caffin8 Coffee, you can be sure all the coffee you receive is made only from the freshest and finest blends. Once you order your coffee, Caffin8 Coffee will usually blend your order the same day to suit your personal preferences. As soon as your grind is ready, it is shipped straightaway for maximum freshness and taste. All coffee is dispatched in resealable bags, which are smaller to ensure that your coffee stays tasting as fresh as the first time you open it for as long as possible.

Choosing Your Grind

Caffin8 Coffee provides a selection of grinds, so you can easily find the perfect grind that is right for you.

  • Whole Beans – for those customers who prefer to grind their own beans at home, you can order your beans whole.
  • Cafetiere Grind – one of the simplest ways to enjoy high quality coffee, Caffin8 Coffee can ship your beans as cafetiere grind ready.
  • Filter Grind – one of the finer grinds, the filter grind can be used for paper filters, AeroPress or V60 pour-over.
  • Espresso Grind – the espresso grind is the finest Caffin8 Coffee grind you can buy, perfect for espresso machines or for stovetop use.

Caffin8 Coffee also supplies their own brewing options too if you would prefer to buy these directly from their website as well. Here is a quick rundown on the brewing items they offer -

  • V Shaped Coffee Filter V60 Hario – this coffee filter is ideal for a filter grind and comes in clear, white or red to suit a range of kitchen styles. It is easy to clean and can be used once or for multiple cups of coffee at a time when paired with a jug. Ready in as little as 5 minutes, all you need to do is add filter papers, with 40 included to get you started, all for just £20.00.
  • Cafetiere Coffee Press – for use with the cafetiere grind, this coffee press is the quick and easy way to make the perfect cup of coffee every time. As this coffee press can make up to 1 litre of coffee at a time, it is ideal to use when you have guests over and is very easy to clean, especially as it is also dishwasher safe. The glass beaker itself is heat resistant, and the body is chrome plated with stainless steel. Simple and effective, the Cafetiere Coffee Press is only £14.00.
  • Stovetop Espresso Maker – if you like to make your espresso the traditional way, then look no further than this Stovetop Espresso Maker. Its attractive speckled design is made from aluminium and is the perfect choice for making coffee both at home and also when travelling, such as when camping. This is due to the fact that the Stovetop Espresso Maker is very durable and is suitable for use with both gas and electric stoves. Very simple to use and easy to keep clean, the Stovetop Espresso Maker is only £10.00.
  • Coffee Filter Papers – perfectly matched with the V Shaped Coffee Filter V60 Hario, once you have run out of papers, all you need to do is reorder them directly from the Caffin8 Coffee website. You can either choose to purchase your filter papers in packs of 40 at a cost of £3.00, or 100 at a cost of £4.50.

Just as with all their coffee blends, these brewing items from Caffin8 Coffee are also fully reviewed on their website by verified customers, so you can read these before making your final purchase. There are also handy how-to guides on how to use each of these brewing items too, so even once your order arrives, Caffin8 Coffee will do everything they can to make your coffee brewing experience as smooth as possible.

Caffin8 Coffee Mugs

Along with their great range of bespoke coffee grinds, Caffin8 Coffee also makes their own range of customised mugs. Here you can choose from a range of funky designs, including the Yoda Best mug, Quarantea mug and Quarantino Cappuccino mug, as well as a mug paying homage to Tiger King favourite, Carol Baskin. All mugs are priced at £10.00 and are a great way to liven up your daily coffee or cup of tea, as well as making an excellent gift for any occasion.

How to Apply Your Caffin8 Coffee Discount Code

Here is a quick step by step guide to help you use your discount and voucher codes for Caffin8 Coffee.

  • Step 1 – search for Caffin8 Coffee on to see what the latest offers are available for you to take advantage of. Some discount codes will allow you to enjoy a certain discount on all purchases, whilst other discount codes are unique to certain products only
  • Step 2 – once you have chosen your discount code, simply click on get code or get deal
  • Step 3 – a pop up window will appear which will reveal your code
  • Step 4 – copy your code and then click the link to take you back to the Caffin8 Coffee website
  • Step 5 – once you are re-directed to the Caffin8 Coffee website, choose the items you would like to buy and then at the checkout, paste your exclusive discount code into the box provided
  • Step 6 – sit back and wait for your coffee or mug to arrive, all while enjoying your major savings!

Delivery Options & Returns Policy

As all Caffin8 Coffee orders are roasted to each individual customer’s specifications, it can mean it takes a couple of days for you to receive your order. For this reason, Caffin8 Coffee do not offer a next day delivery service. Custom mugs will usually arrive within 5-10 days, due to the customisation process. Delivery for all mugs are charged at just £2.00, but again is free on all orders placed over £16.00. Otherwise, the following the delivery options are available exclusively to currently just UK customers only –

  • UK Standard Delivery – this method means your delivery is usually with you for between 3-4 days, all roasted to order. Standard delivery is free on all orders over £16.00, whilst all orders under this amount come with a supplementary charge of £2.95.
  • UK Expedited Delivery – for those who want their coffee in a rush, their roasted to order delivery can be expedited and will normally arrive a bit faster, usually between 2-3 days. Expedited delivery is free on all orders over £35.00, whilst all orders under this amount come with a supplementary charge of £3.95.

Caffin8 Coffee is so confident customers will love their purchase that they offer their Money Back Promise. This means that if for any reason you are unhappy with your order, you can return your coffee completely free for your no questions asked refund. This of course means that even if you have opened and tried your coffee, if you still decide that it is not the right blend for you, then Caffin8 Coffee will accept an opened bag for return and will arrange your refund accordingly. However, mugs are not eligible for a return as they are custom made to order.

Caffin8 Coffee Rewards Program

Caffin8 Coffee offers a couple of different reward programs for students and blue light workers. Their student discount means that all students can enjoy a massive 25% off their orders! All you need to do as a student is register with Student Beans, and then use your unique code when placing your order with Caffin8 Coffee. The Blue Light discount is available to those who work in the emergency services and enables those who are eligible to enjoy 20% off their orders. To take advantage of your discount, all you need to do is follow the Blue Light card link on the Caffin8 Coffee website and then search their site to find your relevant code. If you experience any issues with your discount codes, the Caffin8 Coffee team are always on hand to quickly resolve any checkout problems.

Caffin8 Coffee Blog

The Caffin8 Coffee Blog provides all the latest information on popular coffee blends and brewing items, as well as other points of interest, such as how caffeine may be able to boost your workout, and tips for finding the best type of milk to pair with your coffee to enjoy maximum taste benefits. There are also articles about how to create the perfect Espresso Martini, and behind the scenes blog posts about some of your favourite coffee houses.

Account Options

Unlike some online coffee blend sites, Caffin8 Coffee does not require you to join up and create an account in order to enjoy their products. However, if you plan to use their services frequently, it may be a good idea to set up an account as this will allow you to easily see your orders, including tracking, as well as managing where you want your order to be sent and easily organise any returns if you decide you ever need to send a product back. To make an account, all you need to do is sign up with your email address via their website. is operated by Get A Deal Group Limited (company number: 12942679) a company registered in England and Wales.
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