We will launch an anonymous / opt-in version of our domain offer platform soon.

If you already made an offer:

Following the EU GDPR Privacy protection ruling which comes into force May 25 2018 we have simply removed all your personal information from our records in order to not bombard you with yet more emails requesting your permission to carry on doing what you implicitly gave us permission to do in the first place.

This means that we have deleted your email address from our database.

Sorry, but your privacy comes first.

Footnote: Sadly, following the loss of many of the email communications that were useful to you, those you actually wanted and subscribed to - because companies simply could not achieve what they were asked to do by the EU to seamlessly continue your membership or subscription to their genuine updates and services; we now cannot help that unsolicited spam will forthwith constitute a higher percentage of your mailboxes and you will spend the next year or two wondering where all those helpful emails went ..